Under the Twinkling Sky

Just right when I thought the sky would stay forever dark. In the place I live in, you don’t expect glittering sky the moment the sun sets. Every bits of sign of light—of hope, are always covered by the dark cloud, hovering like a curtain, letting no single star twinkle in the night. It really […]

Solitude Over Solidarity

There’s a fine line between solitude and loneliness I was reading a fanfiction one day and I stumbled upon a quote similar to the one I wrote above. Things that happened for the past few days reminded me of the quote, and how strongly I feel about it. Sometimes I like to think that I […]

Favorite Youtubers!

Hello readers, so I’ve been in the Youtube community as a viewer for about a year now, and my adventure in Youtube is truly amaazing! Do you even know how many inspiring youtubers out there? There are like, tons! When I thought Youtube is all about watching bits of movie clips and brand new single from […]