Under the Twinkling Sky

Just right when I thought the sky would stay forever dark.

In the place I live in, you don’t expect glittering sky the moment the sun sets. Every bits of sign of light—of hope, are always covered by the dark cloud, hovering like a curtain, letting no single star twinkle in the night. It really is such a sad situation, always and constantly reminding you of how alone you can actually be. God created stars to shine, but He also created cloud and pollution to mess the beauty all up.

And one day, in a place where was I destined to be at, I stopped walking and glanced up.

If you ask what I expected to see, I would answer the same old boring pitch black sky in all its dark glory. I would expect to see a suffocating darkness, sucking up all hope and light and happiness in a zing. I could see the scenario in my head. I would look up, I would scoff, and I would walk away under the mysterious sky.

But no, what I saw was beyond any expectation that my little pessimistic head could muster.

It was breathtaking. The sky was full of light, and that was the center of my universe right in that moment. It was almost like a toddler discovering rainbow for the first time. For so long I haven’t seen such beauty, and I never thought I’d see it again—especially in this generation.

And as I looked above, I realized how happy it made me.

Stars, they’re just simple thing, really. Not much to be excited about. But I guess the reason of why it excites me so much is because it represents the new to the old. The old would be the dark sky that I used to sit under as a little girl, with all innocence, who always hoped for something better as she faced disappointment the moment she looks above.

But the sky here, the glittering, glowing, twinkling, beautiful stars. To me, they represent something entirely—no, cross that, they represent the start of something new with how something amazing was born just that night (19 October) under that sky.

In life, a person will eventually pass those moments where they will need a family to back them up and be with them in their hardest moment. These family I speak about is not those whose blood runs in your vein. The family I speak about is the family whose bond is formed through hardship, through everything they went through together that made them one.

And last night, this family was formed. While the bond they share, while still weak, I believe it’ll strengthen with time. This family, it will stick for three years, maybe even more, and this family will go through more hardship, adventures, laughter, and God forbid, dramas. It will be a lifetime journey where none of them will ever forget for the rest of their life, and it will be one heck of a rollercoaster that two hundred and something of them will ride. Under the stars, behind new adventures, in front of exhausting hardships, and beyond everything else, Ghanacatra Sreshtavarvana was formed as the light to the dark, the new to the old, and the laughter to the tears.

And as we all scream that name with the top of our lung, I believe that we will all sweat rivers and cry ocean to keep this something new­ last, beyond eternity, for the rest of our lives, as the stars reflect our glow of pride.

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