Bucket List: Theater

As a dreamer who’s longing for a great adventure in the future, I decided to start writing my bucket list instead of just keeping it as a secret in the deepest corner of my brain. Perhaps by writing them and posting them online, I would be more encouraged to actually do something worthwhile with my […]

A Curious Man

The following post is written on 6th October 2014. Today, Muslims around the world wake up early in the morning and head to the Mosque to perform Eid prayer. I was one of those Muslims. I headed to the mosque with my two brothers and prayed Eid beside a woman who brought a toddler with […]

You start noticing at eight. Your friends start to speak mean words and throw looks you never thought you’ll see in places that are not in dramas. Your friends cry and their parents show up the next morning to speak with your teacher. That’s when you see that perhaps some people are being raised differently. […]