He’s Late, She’ll Wait

Kellan is everything a writer could hope to be.

While he is just a newbie in the fanfiction world, his writing lacked the typo and the basic mistakes of those who usually just stepped one foot into the world. His writings were straight up neat, to the point, and mature. He carefully planned the whole plot before he put the story into words, and he updated his story every morning with a chapter of around 6000 words. He was smart, committed, and democratic. If anything, he was very welcomed into the fandom and received a great support for his brilliant work.

So it wasn’t a surprise when Ace fell in love with his words. She made sure to read every single chapter before school once they were updated, and she made sure to leave nice comments to keep him going. Sometimes, she would put in her request for some romance idea, and she would happily click open his reply to her reviews.

Kellan was 18. Ace was 11.

It was too far age difference for any possible romance to happen, but a 10 year old can marry 60 year old and Ace would never bat her lashes at how wrong it is.

Nice work, Kellan, I really love your version of Dark!Hermione,
though I wish she could be a tad kinder to her housemates.
I hope I can get more romance between Harry and Tracey
next chapter. Keep up the good work!

Thanks, Ace, I’ll keep your request in mind, though I
already have something planned out for Harry and Tracey. 

Aw, come on, pretty please?

I’ll see what I can do. By the way, aren’t you supposed
to be sleeping, kid?

Kid, my ass. I’m 11 and that is two years away from
teenage life.

Sometimes they would even speak about something completely random through the PMs. Kellan would check her works once in a while, help her get into the mindset that she’s the one who own her character’s world, and would even encourage her when the haters from Ace’s story started to irk her too much. They became friends fast, and they spoke at least once a week through messages due to being in different city.

One day, an announcement came up.

Kellan wrote in his last chapter of his story that he was going to be away for a long time and the story will have to be put on HIATUS. He didn’t say anything about it to Ace, but then again, who was she to him? Of course he wasn’t obliged to tell her. That didn’t stop Ace from being the nosy and curious person that she is.

Hey, what’s going on?

I’m signing up for the army.

What about uni?

I’m leaving school.

What about your story? They aren’t finished yet.

I’m going to continue them, I promise,
no matter how long it takes.

No matter how long it takes?

I promise, Ace.

What about me? 


Okay, I’ll wait. 


They didn’t speak again after that. Ace assumed he was too busy preparing for the armies. That was until she searched for his story in the spirit of rereading them. His writings made her laugh and cry, and she loved his works. She hummed along with the song that was playing on her music player, until she took a sharp breath in surprise.

No result found matching your keyword(s)/phrase. Please expand your search.

Tip: If you want to search a phrase and not just individual words, use double quotes. Example: “Search this phrase”.

Ace tried again. Typing in his pen name this time.

The same result came up.

She checked her Favorite Author right away and found a name, an unrecognized name with zero stories written.

Ace slammed her laptop shut, fighting back the cry of disappointment that was threatening to fall. Bastard. He deleted them. The stories, their messages, and even changed his pen name too.

He was 19. She was 12. He left. She wept.

Hey, how’s life in the army?

It’s been a while since I last saw you online. If you’re thinking that the reason I’m sending you this message is because I want to persuade you to go back to the ffn world, you’re not wrong. But mostly, I’m here because one of my greatest inspiration in writing has gone never came back since 2011. It’s been three years, and I really thought you were going to be back by now. Where are you? I’m expecting news, you know. We all are. If you’re not going to continue your great stories, then we would’ve understood. I’m not even expecting great news. Any kind of news would’ve been fine. I truly miss you, Kellan. As a great author, and as a (hopefully) friend. Write back if you get the chance to. Just don’t walk away and not look back. Don’t be that person.

I took a placement test in a great boarding school, and I’m really hoping I would be accepted. If I didn’t get in, then I guess that’s sucks, but that’s life, right? How is it there wherever you are?

Will you ever come back? Reply soon, stay alive.

I don’t know what’s going on in the army, I have zero clue of what’s going on with your life. You are incredible writer, you know that? I remember how I used to get excited every single morning because I knew your story was already updated. You’re not just some kind of a random author passing by. You’re an author that I’ve always looked up to. Many authors gave up, the same can probably said about me. But you, I can’t stop waiting. I can’t stop hoping for you to continue what you love.

I will always hope this message goes to you.

How’s life in the army? I bet you’re either all muscular or got one arm or leg dysfunction. Kidding, that wasn’t nice, sorry. But tell me everything! How’s the food? How are the people? Are there females who signed up?

…Who am I kidding? Those aren’t the kind of questions I want to ask. My brain is all crammed up with, “When are you coming back?” or “Are you even still alive?”

Selfish, I know. That just kind of happens. Especially when someone hung someone’s hope too high up in the air. I try to tell myself that you will come back and all I need is patience. But with you, I never really had to wait. You always update your story on first time notice. I try to make myself understand that you are probably having a rough time and you’re just not ready to embrace the past that you’ve once left behind. But guess what? I don’t get it. I don’t understand even the slightest bit of it.

But really, how am I supposed to understand, damnit? How am I supposed to feel okay? It’s been three years. I know I shouldn’t be complaining, I know I should be more considerate since, hey, I don’t know anything about you at all! But I just can’t just let this go, you know? You probably won’t even appreciate all this letters. Hell, you might even block my account for this. But I can’t let go. You make me happy. What you do makes me happy. Is it wrong as a human to not want that happiness to go away? Tell me one good reason why I should give up. No wait, scratch that, I dare you to make me give up. Because I won’t. I’m not giving up on you, no matter how weird that sounded. Just… stay alive, okay? Wherever you are, I hope you’re worrying about us just as much as we are worrying about you.

Come back soon.

He’s 22. She’s 14.

Kellan might be late, but Ace will wait.

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  1. Aku sudah baca tulisan ini dari ketika diunggah di blog lama, dan nggak pernah bosan baca ulang. Mungkin cerita pendek fiktif favoritku sampai saat ini, karena konteksnya, sepertinya banyak sekali generasi sekarang telah merasakan. Jatuh cinta dan patah hati secara virtual, meskipun hanya berdasarkan kata-kata sederhana dan tidak lebih, lalu saling kehilangan kontak dan akhirnya belajar untuk melupakan.

    Paragraf favoritku:
    “He was 19. She was 12. He left. She wept.”

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