There’s one thing every teenager in high school have in common, which is the need to be accepted by everybody.

This comes from the insecurity of being who you are and the fear of being alone. If you take a closer look, we, naive children of today’s generation, would go at such ridiculous length in order to be accepted by society. Some march straight on to the life of wildness and idiocy. They rebel and rebel until it’s far too late to go back in time and all that’s left is regret. Some others choose the easy isolated path and join social network fandom, lock themselves in their bedroom, and find happiness through the screen that lights up day and night.

Every one of us, out of fear of being alone, somewhere down that rocky road decided to blend in and change for better or worse, and it doesn’t matter. Because hey, they got your back despite how dark the night is, and who said you’re smoking that last sinful cigarette all on your own? The jocks, the divas, the geeks, the nerds, the hipsters, and even the freaks, everyone changed and transformed into someone that can fit in.

So when you’re waving the anti-mainstream flag and refuse to join the stereotypes social hierarchy because you’re just  so god damn proud of your whole being, don’t you wish you can be the chameleon they once transformed into long ago? Because hey, as fake as and as indoctrinated as they are, those guys have that one thing you don’t get.


And sigh, don’t you just wish you can just be the chameleon they once transformed themselves into?

Practice Makes Perfect?

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