What Have I Become?

I’ve always wanted to be me ever since I was born.

Not a them, a their, or labeled as someone who’s apart of something. Just me, a shining me. So I do things that only I would do. I laugh at things I would laugh at, and I get mad about things that only I would get mad about.

I guess in the bubble where I focus solely on myself, I forgot to take a look around and see what people might think. So I popped the bubble stepped out of my own world. For a while, life is good.

But then you breath the same air as they do, and apparently this makes you think the same way as they do. The corrupting air, the poisonous ideas, the shallow thinking, every bit of the sub atomic being of me blended with them, and me turns into a new person that me never thought would become.

When I take a look into the mirror, who do I see, then?

I see a pair of cat-eyes, rosy cheeks, square jaws, frowning brows, and small body of reverse triangular shape.

I see a person, but I don’t see me.

She’s pale, I think, as I gaze down into the person who’s looking back at me in the mirror. She must have had a rough time in life. It’s amazing how much her heart could bear the ache– except if it’s turned to stone. She looks colder, too. Meaner, capable of slicing hearts with words. How long has she put up that manner?

How long has she been that way?

How long have that person moved around and about with my body?

How– What– Since when is that person became me?


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