Slipping Out of Love

You both shared earphones and sat at the back of the bus as always. You were glowing because of how nice things went since the morning, and you’re delighted by the fact that he chose to sit with you and when he could have sat with her.

You let your hopes up way too far. You think that maybe love can remain love. And then you peeked into his phone screen, you saw his wallpaper, and you looked away in an instant.

“I shouldn’t have seen it,” you spat.

“You don’t like what you see? Same goes to me,” he said just as coldly.

You looked away and sighed. He got up and went to sit near her. Your bubble popped, and you had to laugh. Of course he left, and you’re just glad that you never believed in his love in the first place.

Still, it doesn’t stop you from hurting inside as you slowly slip out of love.

In response to: Mountaintops and Valleys

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