Listen to This Small Drunken Words.

Well, damn.

Get me a coke and let me drink.

Listen to this small drunken words.

It may not sound at all as wise.

But let me give this one a shot.

It’s too much of a messed up world.

Where its people are messed up too.

Pass the cigars, and let me try.

Is this not what you want for me?

I’ve carved a path of on my own.

It leads to the endless bright light.

So be nice and shut your loud mouth.

Your words worth less than empty cans.

Go leave your responsibility.

It’s fine, it’s what you always do.

Go leave the burden on our plate.

And have fun with your golden sword.

Take pride in what you don’t deserve.

Let us take blame on all your fault.

A question though, my mighty lords.

How long will you remain this way?

Will you take a look at our fate?

Will you realize your mistake?

Open your eyes, my mighty lords.

Before an inner war breaks out.

Please understand you’re not the king.

We’re close to turning back around.

So go ahead and make the choice.

Why are you even here at all?

Did you really misunderstood?

And thought this was an easy path?

Did you not consider the work?

And only saw the hefty gold?

If so, then please do take your leave.

You’re never needed in this house.

Now I have finished my cold coke.

Adios amigos, my lords.



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