About two weeks ago as I scrolled down tumblr (or Instagram) with the tag ‘Marriage’ or ‘Islam’ or something of that sort, I found this great website called Sujood.Co.



This website is a place where you get to click on the [Select Emotion] and decide how you’re feeling at the moment. It can vary from angry, envy, desperate, and etc.



Then, once you’ve decided on a certain emotion, the site will give you plenty of proverb or Quran’s surah to help you get through your problem and remember that Allah is ever the Wise and He didn’t plan certain things for nothing. For example, today, I will choose [Irritated].



And that is the proverb that this site has for me.

It’s really amazing how this site was only made this year, and I think the prettiest part of this is the modern design that really goes against what people think when Islam comes to mind. To most people, when Islam is mentioned, the first thing that comes to mind would probably be some sort of an ancient and old school ideas of how Islam is generally like, and when you see website like this that shows Islam is universal and it grows on each generation, it becomes some sort of a heart-warming nice thing that proves we’re just as human as everyone else.

To everyone else, I hope you will go and pay the website a visit or two whenever you’re feeling blue just to see what they have to help heal your heart. You get to click like on the helpful proverbs and  take it into your sujood during prayer. That is what this site is about, to help people overcome their emotion through positive ways.

Here’s to Sujood.Co

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