I’m A Hijabi Woman, But I’m Not…

Buzzfeed is definitely a website or YouTube channel known for its open-mindedness to encourage people to see the beauty in every community, religion, lifestyle, and it certainly doesn’t discriminate nor bash any ethnics. This is one of the reason why I subscribe to Buzzfeed, I’m just so deeply in love with their idea of bringing pride to everyone to be whoever we want to be.

This time, I raise my glass to Buzzfeed for their recent video called, I’m A Hijabi Woman, But I’m Not…

It’s a very heart-warming thing to see when you find this kind of video up in your subscription box. It becomes even more heart-warming when you realize this video can show the ignorant that not being a hijabi doesn’t mean anything, and just like that one woman said in the video, there’s way more interesting things to talk about.

I’m a hijabi, and I’m not perfect

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