Why I Wish I Didn’t Know Who Harris J Is

This time, I’m going to rant about how much I hated knowing Harris J. For those of you who don’t know, Harris J is a British Muslim musician signed to Awakening Records. He is only 18, have memorized 10 Juz of the Quran, and is the Muslim version of ‘Justin Bieber’ as they say.

Perfect kind of man, don’t you think? Especially for those of you Muslim girls out there. There is absolutely nothing to hate from the guy, nothing at all, and that is exactly why I hate knowing him.

Here’s how it went.

Just about an hour ago, my mother texted me despite being right in the next room. She asked me if I knew Harris J, and I texted her back saying no, I don’t know him. She replied to me and said that he is the it guy at the moment, and she asked me to come to her room and see. I immediately closed my laptop and made my way to my parents’ bedroom. She was sprawled in bed watching a video from YouTube of Harris J. I laid down next to her and saw the person she was talking about.

He was a work of art.

And then I didn’t want to know more. It’s childish how I acted, but it really is a bit painful watching a guy like Harris. Not only is he a charming and humble person, he also memorizes 10 Juz of the Quran. His intonation is great, his memorization is perfect, he is an Indian-Irish fusion living in England, a singer, a naturally charming person, and he really does exist.

Who knew.

The thing is, boys these days are idiots who care more for unimportant mundane things such as cars, partying, cigarettes, and girls. You don’t see a Muslim like Harris who spreads good message through songs very often, and when you do find one, you just can’t help but to fall a little bit for him, and that’s where the painful part comes from, because you know Allah is so fair, He created him for someone worthy, and it stings when you realize you’re definitely not that worthy person. You know he deserves way more, and you can’t be selfish wanting him all to yourself. It hurts when you know an amazing person like him is not created for you, and life would have been a lot easier when you don’t know a guy like Harris exist at all. It makes you imagine all sorts of things, and while it is a bit creepy, you can’t help but wonder how praying and building a household with him as the imam would be like, and suddenly you’ve arranged a hopelessly impossible life plan for the two of you, and it’s just pathetic.

Umi, can you imagine him performing the adzan right into my ears to wake me up for Subuh? That would be heaven on earth.

This is just pathetic, what are the chances of a hopeful High School student from Indonesia ending up (in a Marriage) with a teenage heart-throb such as Harris J? This ain’t a movie, and this sure as hell ain’t a fairy tale.

So thank you for getting certain hopes up, but no, haha, in all honesty, I’m kind of glad a person like you exist, Harris. As surprising as you are, I hope your good messages are heard by people across the globe. Good luck with your music, and don’t forget any of the stuff you’ve memorized. Your reading of Ar-Rahman both when you were just a chubby little kid and now is just as great, and there really should be more men like you in this Earth. Maybe then, I will be worthy of one someday.

Here’s to Harris J


24 thoughts on “Why I Wish I Didn’t Know Who Harris J Is

  1. I know that he seems really really great, and I also love his voice and his drop dead gorgeous looks, but I think that the amount of music in the songs, kind of defeats the purpose and makes the song haraam (as said Islamically) That really saddens me because he is soooo…

    1. Ah, I see what you mean, I suppose it really is up to the beliefs of every people. Even most muslim have different believes.

  2. Heya sweets..
    Harris is coming to Perth end of this month for an Awakening concert. Why don’t you come on over !
    Ericka, who you met in Medan)

    1. Auntie! Hahaha thank you for visiting by, now I’m a bit embarrased. I wish I could, but with mid-term coming up, I don’t think so. I guess I’ll just have to check when he’s coming back to Indonesia, thanks again! <3

  3. You just literally described my feelings. Even though I think I like him more than you do, haha. It’s just so unfair. Well, I live in the Netherlands, so I’m kind of really close to England. But, you know, still no chance. Great blog! Definitely going to read more(:

    1. No! Hahaha, on the contrary, I love him to the point that I wish I hadn’t known he existed, because now I’m sad that the possibility of me getting know him is miniscule. I don’t hate him, no.

      1. Honestly, I wish I never had gotten to know him. It makes me feel sick to see all these so-called artists claiming to be muslims while they use instruments in their islamic songs. I understand the songs convey rather an important, worth considering message but still voice can be their instruments i.e vocals and they shouldn’t make islamic seem like music with the beats and all other instrumentals being played around in the studio. In short, my dear crazy fans esp girls/ladies lower your gaze from everything that makes u feel creepy, crazy and evil ; for instance admiring and claiming to hv fallen singers esp harris j and other artists included in the box. To me, he is nothing but a muslim version of Justin Bieber and obviously it’s dissapointing and saddening to say that. I would wish most muslim artists who use instruments in their songs to start using their voice and be like Omar Esa- a muslim artist I adore more than the rest. I hoepe their slogan to be “My voice is my instrument ” bdw that’s omar esa’s motion:). Finally, my crazy muslim sisters, please control ur whims and fancies and stop focusing on the opposite gender so much coz u will suffer a lot waiting for them to be yours ; when that is absolutely unimaginable. وقل للمؤمنات يغضضن من ابصارهن ويحفظن فروجهن؛ always remember that ayah. Let’s guide our modesty ladies for Allah’s , for our ownselves and for our future spouses ( wondering ehy am saying that; because no man will feel happy if his spouse thinks of another guy be it at a current moment or 30 yrs ago; men dont 4get easily. So let’s all chill out and let’s stop admiring our XY counterparts and please Allah in the end and follow his messenger’s teachings of Sunnah.

  4. One day this ground covering boy rushed to the music world leaving his sports ground. At a stage, he realized that the inseparable part of his life is just music.

  5. Here I was thinking I finally found someone who thought Harris was just as lame as I thought he was. Too bad I was mistaken. And you’re a psycho btw; you only see what he chooses to show .. and honestly I don’t think he is setting the best example.

  6. Wow zhafira, you described my feelings in this article.
    When I saw harris j, I behaved like a fool, who would say that a silly girl like me, can win the heart of the prototype of a handsome and perfect Muslim boy

  7. I just feel the same towards him yet I know he isn’t the one. But Harris is from the same part of London as I am from and I probably seen him many times but I never knew he was a famous Islamic global star and I live like 20 or less minutes away from cos I know the area he lives in but still I love him. It’s not fangirling it genuine love. Also the other day, there’s a restaurant I went pass not far from I live and same with Harris. I know he goes there often so maybe I’ll pop and say hi to him

  8. …hey i’m not from Netherlands ,London or Indonesia im from i live in Birmingham (its in England). i jut wanna say i fell for him too it was a mistake and i realise that but u cant help having feelings for someone its best to wake up and think is he really worth it (i don’t think so ) so thx alot youve probably stopped at least one person from doing something stupid like engraving his name in their arms e.t.c ✖

  9. and also sister thank u so much i wish i had seen ur blog when i needed someone to show me the truth . i thought hes cute he’s islamic he’s the one, only he’s not cute hes just ‘attracting women and girls worldwide ‘. i mean this is personal but i used to wear makeup and tight clothes i used to hang out with boys but thx to my freind ayesha and all my family who helped me find my way .i love all my sisters out there .bye !!O_O

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