#HOTD: Floral Big Skirt

Floral outfit is making a comeback, at least in Islamic community here in Indonesia. If you take a look around, you can find floral print on praying outfit, headscarf, long dresses, and skirts. While I used to not have that much interest in floral print, the vintages ones that they are selling nowadays are worth second glances at stores. Just recently, my mother and I decided to make a custom vintage huge floral skirt, and this is how I wore it as we took a trip to Bogor for a meal.



When you already have such an eye-catching number, it’s important to match it with a low-key piece. With the skirt, I decided to match it with a simple white shirt and silver headscarf.






The secret to this huge skirt is the layer. Inside the actual skirt, there is a thin layer inside to add more volume of the skirt. This skirt is also made with three parts of cloth. There are three lines of stitches. Two on each sides, and one in the back. This helps the skirt to be shaped big.

With this simple outfit, you can go absolutely anywhere and have fun without feeling restricted at all.

Enjoy your day!

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