Here’s to Progress

I couldn’t think of a cliché posts that says about how a new year is a time for change, or how I have a new year resolution, or any kind of post relating to wishing a good year at all.

All I know is, it’s 2016 now, and I’m just a year away from getting married as soon as I turn 16. Other than that, I know two things that are going to happen this year. First, I’ll finally be allowed to learn how to drive after April, and second, August is an awfully dreaded month.

Other than that, it’ll be months of hard work from here on out to August, where tears will spill and burdens will be lifted off.

2016 will also probably the year I fully realize that I really need to clean up my act to become a proper wife, if any poor soul is willing, at that. To be honest, I eventually did make a time line, here it is,

graduate high school, get married, find university
( either in Journalism, International Relation, Business, or Law)

graduate bachelor, continue master
(preferably in overseas)

graduate master, continue PhD
(preferably in overseas)

Have a child
(Back to Indonesia, or never, either’s fine)

graduate PhD, find a job, have another child

start an internship with United Nation, have another child

And I haven’t sorted out the details yet, but that’s the majority outline of how I want my life to be for the next, what, 14 years? Being one step closer to 2017 also means I need to have my education priorities sorted out, such as finally taking SAT, IELTS, and several scholarships tests to secure a save future. I will also need to learn to save up money, be more responsible, trust God more, and buy a ‘Good Wife 101 Guidance’ book, if one does exist.

Busy, busy year.

However, on a more serious note, I am quite happy with how life turned out last year. As tiring as it was, it held some memories that I’ll be able to tell to my kids later in life. 2015 taught me to just be me, to be happy with where I stand, and to understand that there are greater things in life than shallow ideas no matter how tempting it is to be just the same.

And most of all, it taught me to stop feeling like I need to worth less than who I already was.

Here’s to progress, here’s t0 2016

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