Love is (Vanishing) In the Air

So I was sorting through my documents the other day and found a doc under the title of ‘What the hell’. Since I couldn’t really remember what I wrote in there, I checked it out and laughed once I recalled what it was about. I made a view changes here and there so it’s a bit friendlier than when I first wrote it. Enjoy!


What the hell.

That’s practically the only sentence I got to express how I feel with all these ridiculousness. When did romance become such a childish ‘Look, he texted me!’ crap? Where are love letters, honest conversation, and deep look filled with transparent intention of wonder struck moments?

Maybe it’s just me feeling all lost and wronged without them, but surely the rest of the world feel the same?!

I’m a hopeful romantic, I give you that. I’ve always been that person who believes that romance should be about honest conversation and getting to know one another in a sincere way. With electronic communication on our asses, it certainly became a difficult situation for us to live with honesty and respect toward the opposite gender.

I believe in men chasing after the ladies of their lives for years, with all attempts of wooing the lady into opening up their heart with respect. I believe in ladies having the space they need to make proper decision, I believe in men not giving up on their dream ladies just because of one simple rejection, and I believe in men showing the effort that they are actually the men of their words.

Where has that gone into, really, or is it really only a movie thing?

Damn, I wish we were in the ages where romance was being treated seriously.

Yeah, I wish.

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