I’ve always hated the character hated Severus Snape with my entire being.

There, I said it.

I’ve been a hardcore potterhead ever since the beginning, and I like to humor myself and think that I’m the pureblood kind of potterhead who reads all the books, the extras, and also watch the movies. And ever since the very beginning, I’ve always hated the character Severus Snape with passion. Even through all that he’s done from countering the curse that Quirrell until protecting Harry for Lily’s sake, I couldn’t put Snape into the light side of my book.

And then he died. Snape died, we found out his life through the pensive, and always, the greasy git said. I hated him with all my being, and I sobbed like a little girl at his death scene, all because this brilliant actor portrayed the struggle of Snape’s life so perfectly that I couldn’t even bring myself to hate him after all those acting that vanished my hate away.

I’ve only ever seen Alan Rickman as Severus Snape my entire life, and so the only thing that can bring me grief hearing his death is by recalling all the things that he was during Harry Potter.

And now that man is gone, at the age of 69, after fighting cancer for so long.

And he died in honor, I tell you. He died bearing the name as the very first Severus Snape in this world, the character that struggled so much for lost love. He brought such strong and complicated character to life without single flaw and became the man that JK Rowling was proud to work with.

Raise your wand for Allan Rickman, because he shall be remembered, always.

Here’s to Alan Rickman

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