To Five, With Love

In hope to raise a different perspective.

Sometimes it’s a wonder how some people are capable of being so mean—

—No, that came out wrong.

Maybe I’ve always known, but maybe I’ve always disregarded it because I had thoughts of being just as evil.

But when you take a look back into the year when you were the victim of said despicable actions, you just can’t help but realize you don’t want the same behavior acted upon anybody. It disgusts you to think you are capable of thinking like them at all.

“We were treated the same,” they argued. “Why do we have to be any different?”

That was when I fully understood those actions inflicted upon us victims and why we were trying so hard to be just the same. It wasn’t from hate at all, I assure you. It was just a bad sense of justice. It was to fair the unfair and to treat as treated.

“Why do we have to follow the despicable things they did? Are we not striving to be different, to make changes? Look, do you remember how much we hated it last year?” I was hoping it was strong enough argument to make them think.

“It’s not fair,” they pressed in anger. “We were treated worse, why do we have to be kind to them?”

The question ‘When is anybody going to be kind to us?’ was implied in there somewhere.

“No, it’s not,” I replied, but I wasn’t trying to understand their fair. I was trying to make sure you were going to be treated with more brain than brawn.

I was trying to make them see.

That everyone deserves to be treated better.

That you deserve to be treated better.

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