Landslide’s Interpretation

If you ask me what I like about song lyrics, it will have to be the different interpretation people give to each song. People can interpret ‘If I Die Young’ as a joyful, carefree song about young death, and people can interpret ‘Torn’ quite literally as a torn little girl who’s lying on the floor, naked, as a victim of rape. There are plenty of songs out there that are quite difficult to understand, take Sia’s songs and video music for example. There’s a fine line between lyrics that hide Easter eggs and lyrics that are just simply forced into the song for rhyming sake.

Today, in the emptiness of my house, I decided to listen to one of the song that I love for its hard-understood lyric, which is ‘Landslide’ by  Stevie Nicks. I never really understood what it meant, nor cared about it, but I got curious in the end and decided to google what the song really means.

I read a few articles here and there, and this one is the one that made the most sense to me. The article doesn’t explain every single word of the lyric, but I eventually understood the gist of Stevie’s bittersweet love life. It was most enjoyable to listen to the song again and again (with Glee’s rendition being my favorite), and I suppose I will try to understand the song ‘Shake It Out’ by Florence + Machine next.


Here’s to changes.

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