That Same Old Green

I am a secretary in the 4th Student Council in my high school.

It’s a title I bear with pride, took with struggle, and worked with sweat. Some of you might think, what’s good about being a secretary? You’re just probably being slaved around in front of your computer screen making documents and recapping all data for formalities.

You’re right for the most part, except I never felt slaved around. I love what I do, I love having to get up again at 12 at night to finish a letter so suddenly ordered to make, I love asking people to sign papers, I love learning new stuff and having to search through files for some examples.
Most of all, I love the thought of continuing this legacy after three other people who did their damn finest job in this position.

You must know how it feels, trying to live up to the world’s expectation after someone in the past did your job so amazingly that you’re willing to crack your eyes open no matter how late it is only to get that stamp of approval from everyone.

I guess somewhere along the way, I lost the sense of originality by trying to be the same. This is probably because I remember being told off at doing things on my own way.

“If you want to be independent,then so be it.”

After that day, the idea of doing things differently didn’t come up again for a while.

Until one day, I shook my head, gave myself a slap for the ridiculousness, and thought, “Screw it.”

I guess if I have to pick a song to relate to my situation, I’d sing a verse from Glee’s I Feel Pretty/Unpretty;

why do I look to all these things
to keep you happy?

Yeah, that sums it up. Don’t get me wrong, the seniors have my fullest respect, I wanted to be in this position because I admired the secretary of the 2nd SC, but we gotta give our own touch to make our own style, right? Being the same is boring, what’s wrong with breaking the box and soaring a bit further? After all, once I’ve stepped of from this position, I’d like for my successor, whoever it is, to do things with their own style.

This way none of us are limiting anybody from whatever creativity that can be produced. Good work all around yeah?

So be different, be original, be memorable. Be you, don’t try to follow every footsteps, stray a bit here and there to find your own shade of green. Hell, be blue, be turquoise, be pink!

Trust me, I will be so disappointed if I see my junior become that plain safe shade of green all over again.

Here’s to other color than green.

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