Here’s to Us Book Launching!

I’ve been writing since year 2010.

I first started writing in this heavenly goodness website called where you unleash your imagination and ship whoever you please to make you favorite couple from certain fandom to become an end-game. In this site, I went by with the name Raiha Laf Qyaza. I left that story-writing life after 4 multi-chapters, 20 one-shots, and a great new-found knowledge about putting words for people to see.

After that, I still wrote every once in a while. Sometimes just to pour down my storm-like feelings to make the rain stop, sometimes just to spend a boring day in class. Either way, I never really stopped. I’d always come back and scribble nothings in the back of exam paper whatsoever.

At the end, after I finally made a more constant pace with my writing, I created a blog with the help of my father. He helped me create this domain and I wrote everything that crossed my mind. I’ve written 114 posts now, from poems about a crush on a senior until how I wish to be married young. I kept it all here, a never-ending diary that I can keep rereading until forever.

My parents took a step further and surprised me today, on my 16th birthday, by producing 100 copies of a book entitled;


It was by far the greatest gift anyone has ever given me, and now I’m all excited trying to get it published by big book stores. I understand it’s a bit far etched and too big of a dream for a diary-book kind of writer, but if I doubted that this could happen before, I am a bit more confident now. I just need all the help and support that I can get to take a step further.

But for now, I’d like to thank my parents, my family, my teachers, my seniors, and my fellow friends who contributed in making this book happen.

It was the greatest surprise, and I’m excited to write more. If you can give me any advice as to how I should take the next step, who I should contact, or what companies I need to e-mail to get things started, by any means, please put in your two cents. I appreciate anything you can offer!

Here’s to Us

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