Importance of Joining Network

One thing I learned from blogging for a year now, is that you can’t get hundreds of traffics right off the bat without shamelessly promoting your content to the world. Be it through facebook, twitter, instagram, or other social media, you’ve got to try and reach out to as much as places as you can to get people to read your blog.

The first three month is always the hardest, especially if your content is what you like to read instead of what you think people would like to read. It always depends on what you offer to readers, and the one thing that hooked the most readers in my blog was that one time I wrote controversial poems that is right down unkind. That post stirred public’s interest and brought many people here.

Now, I’m not saying you need to do the same, there are many people who are interested in common topics such as fashion, make-up, DIY, and product review, you need to find what you feel most comfortable to write and aspire to be big in that field. So do big, be bigger, and perhaps I’ll see you on top.

Even though I haven’t joined any network so far, I plan to have joined an Indonesian Blogging Network by the end of the year. Tell me what you think!

Here’s to blogging and all the fun of it

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