Ruba Zai: Hijabi Fashion Blogger and Youtuber

When you are a a muslim teenager with fair amount of obsession toward Islamic fashion, there are a lot of hijabi fashion icon to look up to, and one of them is the one and only amazing Ruba Zai aka @hijabhills on Instagram.

Just this Saturay on the 28th of May, Ruba Zai visited Indonesia for Sisterhood 2016 for the first time to have a meet and greet with hijabers (hijabi in Indoesia are often called this) to share her experiences as a Youtuber and fashion blogger. The Netherland hijabi also showed some tutorial as to how she styles her day to day make-up and hijab look.

In this special occasion, I had the chance to talk with her about some personal things that she had to face behind all her success and how she felt when she first wore hijab.

“I think, of course, every girl dresses up, and you do your make-up, do your hair, and when you just get a new cut, just dyed your hair, and you’re like, oh, my hair is so pretty, obviously it’s very hard, you know, for women to have that strength to always cover up, especially when you see around you, and there’s so many beautiful girls that don’t, you know, cover their hair. Of course it’s hard, but that’s the struggle of hijab. If it were easy, everybody would wear it. If it’s easy, then there’s nothing to it. I think, of course, if you’re prettier without hijab, you can also look pretty with hijab,” the Netherland blogger shared.

As a muslim, there are also different interpretation and beliefs that are held by Ruba’s global viewers, and she also talked about how she reacts to all the negativity in her comment section that have different opinion on how to style up.

“To be honest, I feel like religion is something that is very personal,” Ruba told me. “For people to say, oh that’s not very Islamic, you’re not a very good Muslim, to that, I just– I don’t care,” She shrugged it off. “Religion is personal, it’s between you and Allah, and at the end of the day you wear your scarf for Allah, you don’t wear it for your followers or somebody else, you wear it for Him. Whatever everybody has to say, well, they can say whatever they want!” she laughed in a good nature.

To all the girls out there who are still struggling in their hijab, Ruba also cheered us and said, “Well girl, we are gonna rock it in Jannah!”


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