The Hamilton Tag!

I have been quite obsessed with Hamilton for the past few weeks, and while I was lying in bed with my phone, I found a video on YouTube by JonasAlmostFamous entitled ‘The Hamilton Tag’. She is a huge Hamilton fan and created this tag! She gave permission for all of us to use her questions, […]

Facebook Page!

I joined an all-girl blogging network in Indonesia just this week, and I decided that I really do want a boost of traffic in my blog, hence why I’m spending this year’s Ramadan holiday working on it. Two years going into the blogging life, I’m still working on bits and pieces and everything that I […]

Bedside Ramadan Essentials

Happy first day of Ramadan, readers! Today, I’d like to share my Ramadan essentials that I always keep right by my bedside for top priority. Here are the two things that I can never put far-far away. 1. Quran When you are a lazy student who’s spending your Ramadan at home like me, there must […]

Intelligence: Overrated Thing

Intelligence is overrated. People think those who succeed in life are born geniuses. Let me tell you, no. If anything, you can tell me the exact same thing. Everyone started out the same, exact way when they were born into the world. To be intelligent, first we must learn. Some started early, some much later. Some taught […]