Abuse of Power in Its Finest

I can’t speak for others, but it’s never in my intention to break dreams and hearts. Of that, I can guarantee.

But do we say what we say in life out of pure revenge? Now that is something I can’t answer without sounding completely selfish.

It’s a bit childish in my part now that I think about it, but hey, it will be one great lie if I say I don’t pour out a heartbreak when I yell at some kids at school. Even someone like me, who’s sworn to never be a hypocrite, must have said a few words that pain others. Of that, I apologize.

When you have the power to lead, you also have the power to oppress. You have an entire power to say what you wish to say, and no one can tell you otherwise in your face. When you let yourself be controlled by that power, the feeling tends to get the best of you. The overwhelming surge is satisfying, I’m sure. It makes you feel so great when you oppress, it makes you feel invincible, and hey, who doesn’t like that feeling of being untouchable?

I have little of that power, just as much as everybody else who’s about become Senior next term, and the oppression has begun.

It’s madness, and I wish everyone can just mind their own business. Being irritated at one person or another is acceptable, we are living in a society where everyone’s belief is different, but when that hate is publicized? That is when things get ugly, and is definitely something that I can’t get behind with.

I wish everyone can see that there is a greater thing to worry about.

I wish everyone can stop and understand how scar may heal but never fades.

I wish everyone can keep their hate to themselves, and perhaps what I’m doing right now is not different, but all I want is for this negativity to stop.

Let things be, let people do things that they believe in. Let’s not get into the middle of something until it hit us in the face. Let’s just all get along.

But hey.

We can’t always get what we want.

And I’m sorry that we’re a long way away from that peace.

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