Lucky Lady Number One

My first reaction was rage.

It was one of those moments when you knew what was going to happen but refuse to admit it with every fiber of your being because you can’t accept it for whatever reason. They were counting, adding tally after tally, everyone was watching with anticipation, some happy, some irritated, some relieved.

I was fuming.

My next reaction was to cool down and think.

He must have had some kind of plan for what’s coming next, I thought. Everyone had seen the wave of change coming a mile away, some even closer. Everyone knew something was coming, and when my phone buzzed with notification informing who the chosen one was, I thought, this is it. This is the change we’ve all been bracing ourselves for.

I wanted the change, wanted to see it happen since day one, but this isn’t what I expected. I wanted the mindless agendas to stop, I wanted the hypocrisy to disappear into thin air, and I wanted everyone to be open-minded, kind, and humane.

The change that is happening right now is supporting the healthy environment that I wanted at the beginning, but then a lot of us were made to feel the harsh truth. I was made to see how glorious life can be from the other side, and I loved it. I loved the power, the adrenaline, the constant thinking, the strength.

It made me think maybe this life isn’t so bad after all, as mindless as it is.

Maybe the reason why I’m upset is because I can’t bear to adapt with another change. It’s long coming, I know that, and it feels like today was the final straw the universe needed for everything to be set in motion to a complete new direction. With this change, everything will start from a fresh, raw, ground where no one has stepped into before, and things are only going to get trickier from here on out.

And so we’re back to square one with the lucky lady number one.

I only hope this is the right direction, and I only hope the lady who willed to fight understands not to stand against the wave. We need this change, we need this to happen, and we need this to be done the proper way. She can be the change that stands for the royals, or she can be the change that stands with the people.

Choice’s up to the lady.

I only hope she chooses right.

Be smart, and congratulation.

Here’s to you.

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