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If you’re the kind of hijabi who forgets when the last time you washed your hair because you don’t have anyone to show them off to and realize only at the last minute at how greasy your scalp and hair has become (like me), I might have the solution to that little problem.

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Azalea Inspired by Natur hair product comes in two types, a Hair Hijab Mist and Hijab Shampoo with zaitun oil and aloe vera extract.

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In the first day, I washed my hair with Hijab Shampoo and it does wonders! I have never felt my hair so clean before in my entire life. It’s like when you spray a greasy glass and wipes it off and it leaves a squeaky clean sound, that is what your hair will feel like, with all the cooling sensation that comes from the menthol. After drying, the shampoo leaves a subtle hint of smell, which might be your thing if you prefer to not be overwhelmed with a strong flowery smell.

FullSizeRender (7)For the next three days, I laid off washing my hair and instead tried to spray it with Hair Hijab Mist before and after school. While it does leaves an amazing smell, the mist will eventually oil up and shine your hair with grease, so I recommend against either wearing it too much or not washing your hair too long. You can also spray the mist to your hijab after Physical Education class or just to get through a sweaty day.

Over all, I’m happy with the products, especially the shampoo. Even though it leaves my hair dry, the squeaky clean result is something that I encourage all of you to try out!

Unfortunately, this product only sells in Indonesia, but I will leave a link to all of you who wish to check them out.

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