7 Notes: In Case You Forget

Dear Me,

You’ll come of age tomorrow at 5:17 in the morning (the day is exactly on Wednesday, too, what a coincidence), and since 17 is predicted to be a life-changing age for you, I’d like to tell you who you are and who you’ve always striven to become in case cosmos decides to turn your life upside-down this year.

1. You’re proud of who you are. You’re a Muslim lady, you’re tiny, you’re unapologetic, you’re driven, you wear heels, you’re in hijab, you’re in skirt, you’re passionate, you’re interested, you love the spotlight, you’re confident, it’s okay. Japan will be scary, university might be a cruel beauty, you might want to take off your hijab and blend with everyone else every once in a while, that’s okay. You’ve been through this and you came out stronger. Laugh it off, they don’t understand. Make them, that’s your job.

2. You want to get married at this age. This is 16 year old you speaking, and I’ve spent my whole year hoping to turn 17 soon so I can turn into a legal adult and get hitched to a wonderful man who He has chosen for me. Please don’t forget why you want this. Please don’t give in to worldly pleasure and abandon your faith. You’ll find love, so please do it the right way. He is worth it, and the man will be worth the wait. Keep praying, keep asking, keep introspecting yourself. Pick up the pieces of the heart that you’ve let people break and keep it intact. Your chosen one deserves to have it whole.

3. Have fun. Education is important, you know that, I know that. But deary, please remember that you will be far away from your home, you’ll need people to support you and keep you sane. Go out, have fun, gain new experience, join clubs, and mingle all you can. Don’t do the same mistake I did by focusing on friendship far too late. Create memories and gain special people.

4. Remember your loved ones. Remember, tomorrow’s not promised. You left high school leaving tons of memories with your loved ones. Your uni-life is not worth forgetting the people who made you into who you are today. Reach out to your Mama, teachers, friends, loves, everyone. You owe them.

5. No regrets. Do what you want to do and don’t let people steer you into direction you don’t want to go. Time can’t be traded, it’s gone once  its pass. Make decision for yourself and don’t regret your life. Don’t entertain yourself with thoughts of what ifs. Just do it.

6. Run. In literal sense. You value health, you know it’s important to stay in shape. Fast twice a week, run every weekend, kiss the breeze. You’ve built this system in your body and you’ve endured 17 kilos three times in your life. Take an hour every week to just run, sweat, do some push-ups, sit-ups, plank, and keep that tummy flat.

7. Start writing again. I stopped this year. My excuse is senior year, of course, but what guarantees your life is going to be easier in Uni? But hey, give yourself a favor and write again. It’s therapeutic and relaxing, we loved it. Write again, write more.

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  1. So.. Are you going to continue your study in Japan? That’s awesome! Hope all of your dreams come true and btw i really loves your webiste hehe

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