An Attempt

The year is 2020, and I decided to revisit this blog.

It all started when I felt the universe shift. I won’t give further explanation on what this means, not until a little later anyway, but something happened that made me reflect a lot on the person that I was, and the person that I wish to be from here on out. This process of reflection, naturally, brought me back to the very pit where my past self, thought, joy, and sorrow are documented in – this blog.

Spontaneous weekend trip to South Korea, Fall 2019

I’m happy to announce that as much as I love the angsty girl who found a friend in the blank pages of this blog, I have outgrown her, and hopefully for the better. A lot has changed since – what, 2017? Was that the last time I wrote? Exactly the year I left to Japan to leave behind my life in Indonesia for good (or so I thought), and now I’m back, still thinking of leaving behind my life here permanently, but a little more appreciative of the home that Indonesia has been for me for 12 years of my life.

I’m 20 now, and I’m happy with my life, which I ask for your appreciation because getting there was one hell of a journey. I came to realize that there is a lot to be grateful for in life. I finally found my long lost platonic soulmates, worked on being at peace with my past trauma, fell in love, fell out of love, enjoyed random summer flings, found God, strayed a little bit, came back again, all of that and more in three years.

Today, I hope to have become wiser and less broken as a person than I used to be.

I’ll leave this here for now, or forever, but I think I’ll come back. I’d like to.

Here’s to me.

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