Finding Your Nearest Vaccine Clinic

Maximum Healthcare in Times of COVID-19

The increasing number of COVID-19 cases has been doing its task in reminding us once again to constantly take care of our health by doing the most basic healthcare methods, such as washing our hands, wearing masks, and watching our diet. 

A step beyond these methods, we can also take care of our health by getting a routine vaccination. Some of the most common ones in Indonesia include seasonal flu shot and Meningitis vaccine, usually received before you leave for pilgrimage.

Reasons to Get Vaccinated

As many of my readers are, you might look at your youthful self and think, I am as healthy as they came, let me think about getting vaccinated when I’m well above 60 and my body starts to deteriorate.

Guess what, young and healthy people can get sick, too. While infants and the elderly are at a greater risk for serious infections, vaccine-preventable diseases can strike anyone in general, and so if you pride your youth and health, you’ll be happy to know that getting vaccinated can help you stay that way. 

Additionally, our youth does not make those around us immune to diseases. At our age, we are very likely to interact with a wide range of people, starting from our friends’ and cousins’ newborn to our grandparents, who are at a greater risk for deadly diseases. Getting vaccinated means we are protecting our loved ones, too, the same way that the current pandemic is encouraging us to maintain physical distance – our health is others’ as well, and we are all equally responsible to keep everyone healthy. 

On top of that, I think we can all agree that prevention is better than curing both from a health and economic perspective. Vaccine-preventable diseases can be expensive and take up the time we could be spending for school or work. The typical influenza can last up to two weeks, making you miss work at least for the first week. Hepatitis can make you lose a month worth of school or work. 

Where to Get Vaccinated?

If you’re living in Indonesia and wonder just how to find a place to get vaccinated, Halodoc is here to help you. Halodoc is a startup digital company serving to ease your health concerns. Its website can easily be navigated for you to find the best clinic near your place.

Halodoc at Your Service

For instance, a quick search for an adult vaccine in Yogyakarta (alternatively, in Bahasa Indonesia, vaksin Yogyakarta) points us to several clinics that we can make an appointment at. Other than the clinic, it also tells us what type of vaccines are provided and how much they cost. 

Download Now

If you check the left side of the page, you can easily alternate your search to what you are in need of, including the currently critical PCR test. All you need to do is download the application, available on both Google Play and the App Store. 

Aside from searching for your nearest medical care service, you can also browse through the app for more assistance, such as consulting your health issues and asking for the right medication in times of the occasional migraine or period cramp.

True to their tagline, Halodoc’s presence is here to simplify healthcare. With the pandemic among us, I recommend getting the application now more than ever. Have a great day, and stay healthy everyone!

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