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The Year 2021

If you’re a regular visitor to this blog, you will know that I left it for a while. Look at the archives, see how rarely I made a blogpost in 2017-2020. Why? well, I didn’t really have the time, and I lost the passion to do so.

I started writing because I felt the need to express my feelings, and putting my emotion into words came as naturally as breathing. It was easy, hardly time-consuming, and most importantly, no one bothered to read the joys and sorrows of the angsty teenager who started this blog in the first place. I was safe to express my thoughts without the fear of getting judged, and I truly loved it.

In university, I lost the joy in writing because everything that I do became academic. Every time I type on my keyboard, it is to produce essay after essay, and it drains me so that I no longer wanted to do any more writing, even for things that I love, like expanding on some random plot that crosses my mind, playing with rhymes, and journaling.

I think it’s similar to reading. I hardly wanted to pick up a book after getting cross-eyed from the pages of journals that I had to read. It was dreadful.

Now that I’m a senior and have finished all of my classes, my academic responsibilities have reduced a drastic amount and I’m have some free time that I would like to dedicate to writing a blogpost, something I have genuinely missed doing.

So I would like to write as frequently as possible again.

If you’re a regular visitor, do bear with my mindless rambling. Happy New Year!

Here’s to us,

2 thoughts on “The Year 2021

  1. Finally! Hopefully I could do a regular visit to your blog, just in case I need some refreshment (or any sort of reference for my blog as well, if u don’t mind ☺)

    Barakallahu fiik kak Zhaf 🥰

  2. Hi kak zhaf, aku ke blog ini karna aku pernah liat second akun kak zhaf ternayat ada link blog ini. gara gara ini aku tertarik buat blog. thank kak zhaf

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