Mindless Ramble

Courage to Dream

There is one thing that never fails to make me admire people. The courage to dream. It’s not necessarily the dream itself, because dreams are subjective and unlike a fair race, life puts everyone at a different starting point and therefore the extent of one’s dream differs based on that too. No, it is the […]

Letter to Athena

Come Back

2017 It takes no sweat to see the longing that lingers in your eyes and the heavy restlessness that resides on your shoulder. You stare far into the open sky, eyes following the white trail the plane leaves on its flight. Then, and only after you’ve accepted that you are stuck on earth, you shift […]

Answering Questions

Terblokir di Instagram

Kak, Instagramnya kenapa? Kamu, 20XX Kalau kalian pernah menanyakan ini ke platform sosial media aku baik di YouTube, Instagram (melalui second acc) dan Twitter, sini aku kasih tiga kemungkinan yang terjadi, dari yang paling tinggi chance-nya sampai yang paling unlikely. Pertama, usia kamu di bawah 13 tahun dan batasan usia minimum yang aku set di […]

Answering Questions

Mentor Program G30

Halo penanya! Bismillah, aku coba bantu jawab ya. Disini aku mau highlight beberapa poin yang menurut aku penting. Seperti yang sudah dijelaskan oleh penanya, mahasiswa program G30 adalah mahasiswa independen, dalam artian tidak ada komunitas khusus antar alumni dan calon mahasiswa seperti sebagaimana program MEXT/Monbu jalur embassy. Lalu yang membimbing ketika sudah sampai di Jepang […]

Mindless Ramble

The Year 2021

If you’re a regular visitor to this blog, you will know that I left it for a while. Look at the archives, see how rarely I made a blogpost in 2017-2020. Why? well, I didn’t really have the time, and I lost the passion to do so. I started writing because I felt the need […]

Finding Your Nearest Vaccine Clinic

Maximum Healthcare in Times of COVID-19 The increasing number of COVID-19 cases has been doing its task in reminding us once again to constantly take care of our health by doing the most basic healthcare methods, such as washing our hands, wearing masks, and watching our diet.  A step beyond these methods, we can also […]

Committing Murder

I’ve done it before, once. It was back in 2017, sometime in September. Before you call the cops or question my sanity, allow me to clarify what I mean by murder. I’m taking the term straight out of Diary of an Oxygen Thief, a book written by a recovering alcoholic who documented the murders he’s […]