Finding Your Nearest Vaccine Clinic

Maximum Healthcare in Times of COVID-19 The increasing number of COVID-19 cases has been doing its task in reminding us once again to constantly take care of our health by doing the most basic healthcare methods, such as washing our hands, wearing masks, and watching our diet.  A step beyond these methods, we can also […]

Committing Murder

I’ve done it before, once. It was back in 2017, sometime in September. Before you call the cops or question my sanity, allow me to clarify what I mean by murder. I’m taking the term straight out of Diary of an Oxygen Thief, a book written by a recovering alcoholic who documented the murders he’s […]


Now that I have decided to come back, I feel like I owe some sort of an explanation as to why I left in the first place. The short version is, I felt like I didn’t need this blog anymore. The main reason I started writing back then was because I needed a confidant, someone […]

An Attempt

The year is 2020, and I decided to revisit this blog. It all started when I felt the universe shift. I won’t give further explanation on what this means, not until a little later anyway, but something happened that made me reflect a lot on the person that I was, and the person that I […]

Homecoming on Eid

Eid Mubarak to all those who celebrate! In Indonesia, Eid is a moment where you pack up all your stuff and go back home to the places where you originally came from. Or, for children, back to their grandparents’ villages. This year, just like last year, I went back to Sidoarjo (somewhere in East Java) […]