I’m finally back after going on a hiatus for 3 years.

Greetings everyone, you can call me Zha, short from Zhafira.

Then who is Raiha? You may wonder.

Long story short, I was obsessed with Harry Potter and played around with the letters of my name to create an anagram, to create a super villain nickname to match the one-eighth of my personality that has tendencies to get aggressive when there is injustice in the world.

Don’t worry, I always walk around with no disguise and fancy supervillain costumes these days. I’m pretty sure the shiny spandex will be a public disturbance in the basic streets of Osaka, where I’m currently working to finish my undergraduate thesis. When I’m on break, I normally go on social media. You can find me on Instagram & YouTube.

Have a great time Legillimens-ing my brain here.

Contact: zhafira.aqyla@gmail.com

Raise your glass, here’s to us.

18 thoughts on “Let’s Get Familiar

  1. Hey! I just discovered your blog and it’s so beautiful I am amazed! 🙂 I agree with what you said here about expressing our own perspectives while welcoming the ideas of others. That is my favourite part about blogging too 😀 Stay blessed!

  2. Halo, salam kenal. Baru pertama kali mampir kesini. Baca tulisan pertama yang untuk Palestina. Dan sepertinya saya akan sering mampir kesini. 🙂
    Sukaaa anak muda seperti anti.

    Salam hangat dari Bandung.

    1. Thank you for visitting! I’m happy that you like the layout, it took me three other layout until I’m satisfied with this one!

  3. I just saw this page and am sooo amazed with it. You did such a great job with your blog from the content to the design! Wishing you all the best with it and hope I can get some advice from you for writing my very own blog!

  4. Hi zha!!! I am thinking of making my own blog, but I really didn’t have any particular thoughts lately. what should I write, What is my blog will deliver about. But I think it’s okay because I just had an idea from your blog. This is my first visit, but already felt in love with the thought!!! A blog is one way to address your concern around you innit?
    Thanks for inspiring and keep to spread the good spirit of Islam!!! Thanks

  5. Assalamualaikum, Zha!
    Know that I’m a great fan of yours since I got stuck watching all of your vlogs on YT in one sitting. I can’t believe to have done that kinda of stuff though. 😂
    Came here to let you know how exceptional you are. Thanks for inspiring me. 💜

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