Pressure, My Pleasure

You’ll be surprised to see how much you learn about yourself  when you’re under pressure.

When you want so much in life, you’ll have to be tested to see if you have what it takes. Some people breeze through them easily, and some people quit before they had the chance to try.  When you decide to take on the world, there will always be time when you stop whatever it is that you’re doing to tell yourself:

“Stop, you’re done, you can’t do this anymore.”

Some people bows down to that thought and back away because they know their limits, and some people ignore that thought to be stronger despite how harder things are getting. It’s just so, so easy to kiss pressure goodbye and walk away. Just one step back and you’ll be free. One step back and you don’t have to live under the heavy weight of responsibility. Just one little step and you don’t have to taste the bitterness of rejection if you don’t make it through.

The idea is just like this little evil that can’t stop whispering glorious sinful thoughts to your head, and once in a while you tell yourself, ‘Alright, I’m out.’

But then, hey, some people are not meant for the exit door, and really, it pretty sucks when you don’t know how to quit. These people are those who love challenging themselves to see how far they can go. Doesn’t mean they’re invincible, it certainly doesn’t mean they’re the strongest. If you’re in this category, it’s just means that you’re far too stubborn to listen to the blaring red alarm that screams,


You then face pressure head on, and you do things the hard way. You’re probably one of those people who think, ‘I rather be cut than quit. At least if I fail, I fail trying.’

But hey, in the end, it all comes down to what you decide for yourself.

These pressures and challenges will come your way sooner or later no matter what path you choose. Everyone is entitled to their own decision, and I respect every decision people make despite what the world must have thrown at everyone.

It ain’t easy life, and working under pressure will be something unavoidable one day. So let’s throw the bitter thoughts away and remember, it’s worth it. Whatever decision you’ve made, it’s worth it. Your courage, your time, your sweat, they all worth the glory you’re after.

Raise your glass, and drink up, here’s to you.

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