Fame Culture

Readers, let’s imagine this—if you will.

Imagine a world without judgment, a world where technologies didn’t exist, and a world where children still play outside and get back home with dirt covering their whole body with smile on their faces. Do you have the image in your head? Good.

If that world truly existed somewhere, I want to say that it might a wonderful place. But Readers, we are a part of this generation, and that world that I asked you to imagine is not a very beautiful place in my head. This is because that side of the world is almost non-existent to me. It is almost nothing but a faint childhood memory that might have been beautiful once upon a time. It’s hard for me to imagine a world without technology considering I grew up surrounded by machines. It’s the culture of our generation.

So as a teenager struggling with this modern culture, I had to sit down and ask myself. Is this place filled with modern culture today that I am living in is a paradise? This is world of technology! A world where everything can be done without as much as a sweat and still earn enormous living while doing so. Who’s not craving for that world? People in the past ages must have fantasized about it.

Unfortunately, as I see things my way, this treasures we have in this era, the modern culture and the upbringing that come with it turns us nothing but mere fools. Our brain, our life importance, is being limited to such things as facebook likers, retweets, and instagram likers. We, intelligent individuals, are being reduced into shallow minded simpleton.

This is what the modern culture is all about. Fame! This is why every person must have or had a twitter or facebook account and have been in a position where you demand yourself to do whatever it takes to be popular. This fame culture makes us mold ourselves into someone who’s craving more for attention and less for education and hard work. We lose ourselves in the stream of it and it’s all okay, as long as we’re the cool kid at school.

Take a look at selfie. It’s an expression that says I decide how you see me; I am my own creation. Then you post that photo for the whole world to judge, and adjust yourself along the way. People say your hair is ugly, you take another picture with different style. They say your smile is too weird, you take another one with the brightest smile you can imagine.

How have we come this point, Readers?

Let’s ponder about this, if you will. There are many things that are changing in our culture that we’ve come to forget, so why are we still taking pride in being today’s generation? Why are we still taking pity on the previous generation when their culture, art, and lifestyle were so much better that ours? Sure, it took time, hard work, and sweat, but ancient culture doesn’t take who we are and mold us into someone else. Ancient culture doesn’t have a shortcut to getting things done, which results to more appreciation and respect!

So why are we still proud?

If I were a person from the past age, I would be repelled at the idea of being fake. I would wish there were time machine so that I could tell the inventors that technnology was a bad idea. But alas, I don’t have a time machine, and time is not something one could mess with. So what do we do? What do we do, Readers?

As a single person who still deeply cares about this society, I can’t speak for everyone, because some people might love the perks of modern culture. But as a person who is a part of this culture, I can stand up, speak, and tell you this. Let’s remember who we are, and hold onto that person we were born as. Fight against the tide, because going with the flow is not an option, if we have to lose who we are along the way.

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