Close Call

As a woman striking to not be a mainstream (completely), I’ve begun to learn cooking few bits of things that are easy to make with home ingredients. That, or I’ve begun to buy more instant pasta for breakfast due to the boredom of eating bread five days a week.

So yesterday, my mother and I went to a supermarket and bought pizza ingredients. We’ve been planning on making one for months, but never actually gotten to make it due to strict schedules and laziness. Really, we just never really had the spirit to get up and get out of house to buy the mozzarella. So we bought all the stuff that we needed, and we got a few extra things such as fruits and pastas and candies. (This is why you should make a shopping list, readers, so you don’t buy things that you don’t need) 

This morning, we made the pizza as planned, and I also took out the pasta. So I began following the instructions on the package. I poured the water, the milk, the butter–and then I had to add the main ingredient. I put it all in, and I began stirring for 7 minutes. I was looking forward to eating it.

Then, slowly, I smelled something. It was such a sharp smell that struck right into my nose. It was fish, I thought. But then I didn’t remember buying seafood pasta. So I took the package and read what it had. You have to imagine how horrified I was when I saw the big, bold, label that said ‘CONTAINS PORK’.

(“Prohibited to you are dead animals, blood, the flesh of swine….” (Al-Mā’idah 5:3))

I gasped and turned the stove off immediately. My mother asked me what happened, and I told her how we bought the wrong thing. I immediately poured the whole thing into a plastic bag while holding my breath and threw it away. She and I both spent the morning scrubbing the stove off, and I was so lucky pork had such a distinct smell that I had noticed it sooner before it was too late.

Next time around, I’ll have to make sure to read the entire package before I buy anything instant.

Lesson learned.

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