As we all know, Islam has a very stereotypical style involving green, moon, mosque, and Arabic calligraphy when it comes to art and design. While these are all what first and foremost represent Islam, people begin to think how Islam is a religion that stays stuck in a generation and never moves forward. Ancient, if you will. And to be honest, with the lack of prove that shows how Islam can be modern, I was just as small-minded as everyone else, until yesterday, when I stumbled upon an amazing Islamic typography website called, that it changed.

The owner of the website who tags the site as a ‘Revolutionizing Reminder’ introduces himself/herself as an Islamic Visual Artist and Typographer. Here are some of his pieces that will guarantee you falling in love with this site.



The way he attracts viewers and pleases their eyes with creative and modern visual arts with Islamic concept made me really think about how amazing their works are! Not only do they deliver Quran’s message and inspiring quote, they also bring certain understanding to viewers about how Islam is not a stuck-in-one-era religion.

loa2My personal favorite

Seeing this, I wish there are many aspects in life other than visual design that creates a choice for Muslim consumers. Personally, I’m yearning for the day when they print these quotes on hoodies like those of Pull&Bear’s or on phone cases. For now, I’ll enjoy this beautiful concept of art, and I wish all the best luck for the owner of this site.

Here’s to

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