Come Make Me See

What’s your favorite part about visiting a new place — the food? The architecture? The people watching?

The one thing that immediately came to mind relates back to my post a week or two ago. In that blog post, I wrote, ‘In history, lived the tale of thousands of people…’

You see, readers, the reason why I started this blog to begin with was because I wanted to share my perspective of life and learn other people’s perspective of how they see this world as well. If my view of this world is only one side of a cube, it’s a personal pleasure for me to learn the other five side of the cube through other’s eyes.

So if you ask my favorite part, it would have to be the old stories of the people in that land. The certain legends, the historic event, the heroic tale, those are my favorite part. Not the official record or story from a book kind, but the one that the people experience themselves.

It gives personal pride when people in their fifties above are willing to share their tale from their youth. It gives personal satisfaction when their eyes light up with excitement and nostalgia as they go back in time. It gives personal happiness when I can make their tales timeless as I write them down here for the whole world to see.

The legacy they leave behind, their idiocy of their youth, the decisions they made and the lesson they learned, these are my favorite part when I speak to stranger and ask them of their tale. As these tales take me back in time, they make me believe one thing:

Beauty do exist in this world, only to those who are willing to seek it.

And that is my favorite part. 




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