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Hello readers, so I’ve been in the Youtube community as a viewer for about a year now, and my adventure in Youtube is truly amaazing! Do you even know how many inspiring youtubers out there? There are like, tons! When I thought Youtube is all about watching bits of movie clips and brand new single from singers, I was suddenly introduced to this another layer of youtube where I found certain amazing people that has been one of the reason of why my glasses gets thicker and thicker, and here they are!

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The first one is definitely Nigahiga (Ryan Higa). He makes comedy youtube videos that are just super hilarious! Like the picture above is taken from one of his video, which is 10 How To’s That Will Blow Your Mind. My friend introduced me to Ryan Higa one day at class, and if I remember correctly, he showed me two video of his, which are The Ultimate Handshake and Naruto (Fake Trailer). At first I was like, ‘Who the hell is this wannabe who dare to copy the awesome and almighty Naruto?’. But then I saw the fake trailer, and PUH-REACH! The editting was amazing, it was super funny, and my friend even told me he really went to Japan to film it! It was safe to say that I spent at least three weeks to do a Nigahiga Marathon, and let me tell you, I have no regrets.

The comedy king, which is Nigahiga, then brought me to look for other youtubers, The first two people that popped into my head were Pewdiepie and Smosh. I mean, who doesn’t know them? So I looked for them, but then one day I found this video where Pewdiepie, his girlfriend Marzia, Anthony from Smosh, and his now fiancee Kalel were in New York, and I straight away clicked on that button, which brought me to the next channel, which is Watch Us Live and Stuff!

Anthony and Kalel

Yes, I watch their vlogs, I love how Kalanthony are in love, and I love Pip and Buki! And who didn’t feel like their heart is melting when Anthony proposed Kalel in Japan?

And so after that, I started to watch some of Pewdiepie‘s and CutiPieMarzia‘s channel. maxresdefault

I think my first Pewdipie video that really cracked me up was the PewdieCry fanfiction. But my favorite thing about Pewds channel is definitely Friday with Pewdiepie!

Oh, and I sort of kind of watch Marzia’s channel to fangirl whenever Pewds and Marzia make a video together, and my favorite video is definitely when Marzia scared Pewd in that Oculust Rift video. Way to go, Marzia! Oh, and the story animation that she and her friend make once in a while? It’s different, it’s unique, it’s Marzia.

Now, Smosh.

maxresdefault (1)

Ian and Anthony reading fanfictions about themselves? Gold. Enough said.

And just until recently, I started to watch D’trix videos, and I never knew he and his girlfriend was in So You Think You Can Dance. God, you should watch the video where they danced to Beyonce’s If I Were a Boy! They really got some moves, and the way they bring story into dancing was really amazing as well!


And lastly, I love TheFineBros!


Their react channel is definitely interesting and one of a kind. I love how they show the Elders, Teens, Kids, or even Youtubers some different stuff and ask them to react. Everyone is entitled to their own opinion, and I love how the casts are really open-minded and care about the generation nowadays, what with all of our twerking and gadgets and anacondas!

So here’s the list of my favorite youtubers, and some of you are probably thinking where’s Tyler Oakley, or Zoella, or Caspar? They are coming guys, they definitely are. Comment down below who your favorite Youtuber is, bye!

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  1. This post is very nice I mean like this one is very truthable:3
    watch nigahiga’s video about secret of agent stuff, it’s quite long yet funny:3:3:3

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