Four Kinds of Women in a Man’s Life

I like to think that a man has four kinds of women in his life.
The has been, the now, the wannabe, and the happy ending.

The has been represent the past.

This is the first girl that he ever touches, ever loves, and the never will be. This girl has that ability to make a boy the man he will be in the future. The has been will always be the bittersweet memory for both the girl and the boy, because despite how much they carved their heart and sworn it for each other, they are far too young for romance, and thus the boy who’s now turned into a man will crave for something more.

And then he meets the now.

In all honesty, I pity the now(s). They will talk about her, compare her with the has been, and make a bet on her relationship with him. Rumor has it, no one likes her. What do you see from her? They ask. It’s this one mistake that will never last long. The now grown man knows it, the now(s) knows it, and so does everybody at school. The man claims to love her, but even he can’t fool himself. It’s only a countdown until the now(s) makes peace with that knowledge and set him free.

Then we have the wannabe—

—the girl who loves him and asks God to keep him safe. She doesn’t ask the stars for his heart, oh no. Who he’s with is her last concern. All she asks is for him to find love, be it to himself or to others. She asks him to find his happiness, to forgive and to laugh. She brings out his darkest soul to life and loves him nonetheless. She loves both the boy he was and the man he’s become, and she only asks him to find his joy in life, that’s all.

Finally, we have the happy ending.

To the man, it is the place of love, of warmth, and of joy. To the rest, it is nothing but a story of what could have been.

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