Lost Morals

Notice how good people who stand head high on their ground and refuse to cheat or lie gets respected? Yeah, me neither. 

In these generation, things like morals, honesty, and modesty have turned into nothing but words written across the dictionary. Especially in teenage life. When you take a look around, finding a teenage with strong, firm beliefs about what’s good and bad is a rarity. And when you find one, that person is probably sitting in a corner, reading book and eating lunch all by himself. Because that’s just how society is nowadays.

Society has thrown every bits of morals out of the window and live their life to the fullest without wanting to feel restrained. Which is why when they see people with strong moral code, they push them away into the corner to make sure those people will never restrain these free people. Nowadays those with morals thrown out of the window are glorified. People respect those people more and insult the prudes. But hell, they don’t care, do they? The less morals, the more followers, because guess what? They are together in their world. They are guilty together, they’ve thrown away their morals together, and they decided not to care about the world together.

Which is why you can see people who, for example, told a teacher their friends cheated on a test while their teachers are away are pushed back into a corner and left alone, friendless. And slowly, these people would curse their good morals, their honesty, and join in into the madness and throw their morals far away as well, because they couldn’t bear living alone in their world of righteousness and honesty.

The good are seen as criminals, and the bad are glorified.

And so maybe the bad are right. Maybe completely letting loose and turning on some cigars and revealing more skin are fun. But its not the problem of that, really. The question is, can a person really live with himself with all the guilt being confined into the deep, dark place in his heart? A person in guilt maybe do have more followers as they are together in the madness, but can they survive the judgement in the end?

Or, for heaven’s sake, are they really that shallow to think it was all they need to survive in this world?

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