A Curious Man

The following post is written on 6th October 2014.

Today, Muslims around the world wake up early in the morning and head to the Mosque to perform Eid prayer. I was one of those Muslims. I headed to the mosque with my two brothers and prayed Eid beside a woman who brought a toddler with her. Everything went perfectly fine. After the prayer was done, I took my phone and went into Omegle with only one interest; Islam. Once I was connected, the stranger immediately typed away a question.

There was no hello, no greetings, and no the usual ‘asl’. He straight away asked me, ‘What is the proof of God’s existance?’

And I typed away the only answer that came into my head. ‘He created the universe,’ I typed, ‘He’s the creator of us humans.’

‘Yeah,’ he answered. ‘But has it been scientifically proven?’

And just like that, we talked about his belief and my belief, which is Islam. I told him what I know and my point of view as a teenager, and he spoke his opinion. While what I speak of was based on faith, he spoke based on logical and rational thinking that I couldn’t argue with.

‘What do you believe in?’ I ask him out of curiosity.

‘Scientifically proven theories,’ he answered, like as though it was the simplest thing ever.

He spoke about how human did evoluted from chimpanzees (or was it monkeys?) and it was scientifically proven, while I firmly believe that God created Adam and Eve. It was like Clash of Titans. We spoke so much in Omegle, and so much of his questions astounds me. Finally, we decided to speak on Skype. He was a 20 year old guy living in Belgium, Europe. The first thing that he did was apologize because he didn’t know I was a female. He asked me why I was okay with Islam being sexist towards women, with being oppressed. And I told him I don’t feel that way. He asked me why it was okay to not have equality? How does Islam views the homosexuals? Why is it okay for Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) to marry a nine year old girl?

He also said things like how he didn’t want to go to hell just because he refuse to believe on what is not scientifically proven. He said why did God have to create bad people in the first place if as a God he could have just ‘poofed’ everyone into a great human beings. There was so many doubts in him, and I couldn’t help but understand. I asked him why Islam, why not ask Jews or Christians. Why not go to Church and ask a Priest or head to a Mosque and find someone who can help. He said no one is really that much of a help. He’s been looking for answers for about two years now, and he hasn’t found a single answer that could convince him of God existance. Rather, he just didn’t understand why God has to be worshipped in the first place. To him, it was very egocentrical of God. We spoke for an hour discussing the topic, with him being the more passionate one.

And I tried to stand my ground as much as I could. I told him God doesn’t decide everything for us. We have a choise to live our life the way we want to. He didn’t choose our path for us. In a way, we choose it ourself with God’s encouragement. I told him there is the remaining of Noah’s ark. It was found somewhere. And there is a proof of the parted sea from Moses’ story. I told him Muslim can live peacefully side by side with those who have different faith. We are not ordered to murder anyone whose intention is just to live peacefully. I told him we all can co-exist.

He wasn’t convinced.

He and I, it’s safe to say that we’re not very much different. The only difference is that I decided to play it safe and just believe in what was handed to me. It might be naive, it might be stupid and moronic, but the truth is, I do feel comfortable with who I am today, and isn’t that okay as long as I’m not harming anyone with my choices?

Eventually both of us came into a common ground and spoke something else, such as Youtube, and we watched some funny viral Shrek videos and laughed about it. After a while, I had to end the call to study for an upcoming mid-term. In the end, all I want is for him to find the answer he need. As a human being, I truly respect him for choosing to not be ignorant about this world, especially with him being at the young age of 20.

To him, I wish him all the best luck.

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